Lore of Blackfriars 

Throughout October and November 2019, artist group public works is inviting local groups and residents to showcase the wealth of knowledge that exists yet is rarely recorded in our neighbourhoods.

The word ‘Lore’ refers to the traditional and anecdotal knowledge held by locals. It also names a way of learning and sharing of this knowledge. Numerous workshops and two larger celebratory events will bring out this wealth of knowledge under the name: Lore of Blackfriars. These events take place on the 30th of November on Boyfiled Street and the 6th of December 2019 in the community garden at Peabody’s Blackfriars estate. Focusing on the area covered by the Queensborough and Scovell TRA and Peabody’s Blackfriars estate, the Lore of Blackfriars will bring out this local wealth through a Complaints Choir, a Tea Trolly Dance, a High Tea re-imagined and produced with local cooks and much more.

The Lore of Blackfriars is a public art commission by Southwark Council, curated by Aldo Rinaldi and delivered by public works. The project, which is funded by Southwark Council as part of the public art contribution for the 128 Blackfriars development.

If you want to contribute to the events, join any of the workshops or want to find out more please get in touch:

Andreas Lang, public works
E  lore@publicworksgroup.net
P  07866566162